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WORSHIP UPDATE:  Optional masking at the 10 am service; 9 am service will continue required masking

On Thursday, September 8th, our church Council voted, “yes” to allow optional masking in worship. This is a welcome change for some of our folks and a concern for others. Because we hear the concerns of our parishioners and want to make worship accessible to all people, we will be adding a 9am worship service, where masks will be required, beginning Sunday, September 25th. While many things will be the same as the 10am service, please note that we will not have music at the 9am service.

Also note, the 10am service will be optional masking for those who wish to not wear a mask. We do ask that if you are not vaccinated that you continue to wear a mask around others. We appreciate your prayers and patience during this time as we continue to adjust to the ever changing climate

Recent recorded videos of worship services will be available here

Previously recorded worship videos are located here.

Service attendance guidelines for Covid-19 are located here.

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