Save the date: Block Party and Combined Service
The community Block Party will be held on Saturday, July 28th from 4 to 7 pm.  Bring all your friends and neighbors because it's going to be awesome!  Back again will be:
  • The Church of Acts' "Children of the Light" to provide live music
  • The incredibly talented and funny Mark the "balloon guy" to make balloon sculptures
  • Marvelous face painting by Katie, and
  • Of course the hot dog picnic dinner! 
And new this year... (drumroll please!) are a petting zoo and pony rides!  And of course it's all free, thanks to our Enduring Gift Foundation!  Contact Donis if you'd like to help in the kitchen or serve food.
The Combined Service will be held on Sunday, July 29th at 10 am followed by a pot luck.  No sign ups are necessary, just bring a dish to share.  Volunteers from church council will be on kitchen duty, so you can just come and enjoy a wonderful time shared with our partners from Calvary's Cross Church!
Beaver Lake Community Garden Update
We are GROWING!  We finished preparing the garden a bit late to find refugees for this year, but instead God provided some wonderful ladies from Calvary's Cross Church who were just itching to get their hands dirty!  We are so grateful that they took all but two of the garden plots, tilled up all the weeds and helped finish the fence.  The last two plots were taken by a few of our church members who will be out there being neighborly and learning a lot about gardening from our CCC friends.  Anyone who wants to join in with socializing, watering and weeding - just drop in if you see people or talk to Mitch or Leslie.  Also:
  • If anyone has a picnic table or old toolshed they would like to donate, the garden team is looking for those items as well. 
  • Thank you to the people who have already donated garden tools.  They are being happily put to use!
Report: Beaver Lake Community Get-Together
District 2 had an amazing first community party and pot luck at the Beaver Lake park on Wednesday, July 27.  The Xiong family and Julie Woodman had a information table there about BLLC and they couldn't count the number of people who came up to tell them how thrilled they were watching the progress of our community garden.  "You are the place with the garden!"  Some members from Blessed Sacrament even said, "We could learn from you; it seems you've got the idea of a community church right!"  Katie and Julie said it was fabulous being out in the neighborhood and living our mission of being a neighborhood church.  They met and talked with people in the neighborhood, formed relationships and had fun!  You might want to plan to attend next year yourself - it sounds like they are going to make it an annual event.
Mark This Date

Please join us in the Education Hall for Coffee Hour on July 22nd. This coffee hour will be in honor of Deb Schoenberger, thanking her for her seventeen years of service to Beaver Lake Lutheran Church.

Homebound Visits

We are looking for people who would be interested in visiting one or more of our homebound members on a regular basis. We are also looking for drivers for those who would like to make such visits, but are unable to drive. Please contact Pastor Nate if you are interested.

Worship and Music Team

Anyone interested in being part of the Worship and Music Team should contact Pastor Nate. We will have our first meeting in August.

Community Meal

Our next Community Meal will be held on Wednesday, August 15th at 5:30 P.M. Mark your calendars and hope to see you there!

Your Enduring Gift Foundation Reached a Milestone in helping Our Community:

We have now donated over $100,000 to primarily outreach activities!!!!! All of the money given by members of this congregation continues to grow allowing us to spend $20,000 in earnings a year forever! New contributions to the principal would allow the annual spending to grow. EGF donations are gifts that keep on giving! One example is our support to Lutheran Social Services to transform the lives of homeless youth.  Want more financial details? Talk to Rod Johnson or Bill Pringle.

Our Congregation is Already Welcoming.  Why Do We Need To Say So?

The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program recognizes Lutheran congregations, synods, organizations, colleges, and seminaries that publicly declare their welcome to people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Inaugurated in 1983 with just a few congregations scattered across the United States and Canada, the program has grown to include hundreds of faith communities. No matter the setting, the welcoming statement is affirmed and accepted by the whole community. The RIC roster has become known as a resource for people seeking a community prepared to welcome them.  Lutheran communities that publicly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are accepted onto the Reconciling in Christ Roster which now exceeds 813 settings. Most groups start the process of consideration by engaging in a study program or series of educational meetings. Hearing the experiences of LGBT people and their families often creates greater understanding and insights.

Engaging in a welcoming process also deepens the faith life of the community. As members participate in dialogue with one another, they practice putting their faith into speech and then action, creating a more vibrant spiritual community. Engaging the community members in respectful and grace-filled conversation will allow your community to deal with other potentially conflict-laden issues in healthier, more productive ways. 

Council would like Beaver Lake to participate in this process.  The initial tasks of preparing a congregational assessment, gathering information and preparing a tentative timeline have been completed and a team of interested people has already been gathered.  The only thing missing is a leader to drive the process!  Anyone interested in chairing or co-chairing this group should talk to Pastor Nate, Julie Woodman, Lynda Woodman or Leslie Shank.  Thank you!

Church Directory

The church office has been working to up-date our members list and phone directory. Several sample directories have been put together and are on the counter in the Office. Feel free to stop by and look to see if your information is still current. Please notify the office if any changes need to be made.

Aluminum Cans

Keep those aluminum cans coming. But please, only aluminum cans go into the trailer.  No plastic bottles or plastic bags. If you bring your aluminum cans to the trailer in a plastic bag, please empty the bag and take the bag with you or put the plastic bag into the dumpster. Thank You!

Box Tops for Education for Achieve Language Academy

The Box Tops for Education program provides books, computers and playground equipment with points redeemed from participating products.  Achieve Language Academy participates in this program and were thrilled to know that our congregation will collect Box Tops and give them to the school.  If you are willing to collect and save your Box Tops, please bring them into the church office.  There is a labeled container on the counter for the Box Tops.  This is a really easy way we can all contribute to our neighborhood school and help then earn the books, computers and playground equipment they need!!

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, I’m not sure how Mary’s garden is growing, but ours is doing great! Currently, we are harvesting peas, lettuce, green beans, radishes, and zinnias (and maybe zucchinis?). We have been selling out of our produce each Sunday, so you may just want to check out the Farmer’s Market before you have your coffee! We continue to try to limit the amount of plastic we use so you may see the vegetables packaged differently.  Also, if possible, please return the containers so we can re-use them. Last year we raised $830 which was donated to the N. St. Paul Food Shelf and to the ELCA Good Gifts (purchasing two community gardens for $200 each).  This year we would like to continue donating to these two great causes. Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm and support of our Farmer’s Market.

Website and Social Media Update

Our website  is slowly getting a face lift. Did you know that the website has the church calendar, newsletters, council minutes, youth ministry updates, announcements, information about the community garden, brochures and forms, synod news and NEW this week – Classified Ads! If you have anything for the classifieds, please email the info to or put it in Leslie Shank’s mailbox in the church office. Check out our website and see what YOU discover!

Our Facebook page is becoming more and more popular! We have over 60 followers now. If you have a Facebook account and are a church member, please go to “Beaver Lake Lutheran Church Bllc-Elca” and like/follow us. We post church information and events along with sharing posts from the ELCA, Living Lutheran, etc. The more exposure we get, the more we can reach out to our neighbors who may be interested in our Outreach programs. One of our most recent posts about breaking ground on the Community Garden reached over 600 new people in Maplewood which is great! Keep it up and like and share our posts! Any new items for Facebook, feedback or suggestions should be emailed to or put in Leslie Shank’s mailbox in the church office.

Church Space Scheduling

It’s very exciting that we have so many people and groups now using our church for meetings and activities! And with all that activity comes an increased need to keep track of who has reserved certain spaces so that there aren’t any conflicts with folks wanting the same space at the same time. Therefore, your Church Council has decided to set up a two-pronged approach to make the process easier. The first step requires that all requests for church space use needs to first still go through secretaries in the church office. If the space and time you need are available, they will sign you up on the official calendar on their desk and on a new long-range planning calendar area in the church office, where the old map of the neighborhood used to be. Then the second step of the process, the secretary’s calendar information will be transferred to monthly schedules on the doors of the following spaces: Front Lounge, Library Lounge, Sanctuary, Kitchen and Fellowship Hall –West. That way, at any time, you will be able to see when the space is available and when it is reserved. If you would like to email a time/space requests or changes, you can send them to  and copy If you have any questions or feedback about the new process, please contact Leslie Shank. Thank You!

MIssion Support

One of the ways we make Christ known to the world is through the support that we give the ELCA when we give to our church each Sunday. A portion of these dollars, known as Mission Support, go to a number of different ministries. Here are some examples of ministries supported by our own synod (St. Paul): 700 secondary school students received scholarships in Iringa, Tanzania; nine new churches opened worshipping in five different languages; 35 candidates preparing for ministry; 43 call processes and interim placements; 2000 Lutherans worshipping in 16 congregations in the Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala; 21 pastors and deacons participating in First Call Theological Education; $54,225 given to ELCA World Hunger; $36, 304 given to global missionaries, 5 Young Adults in Global Mission serving in Rwanda, Madagascar, Uruguay, West Bank, Mexico; 50 students worshipping on Wednesday nights through Lutheran Campus Ministry; plus many more! Thank you for your generous support!

Sign Language Interpreter

Carly Fischbeck has been working as an American Sign Language Interpreter for the past several weeks and we are thankful to have her in our midst! A number of you have commented on how her signing brings a wonderful visual element to our services. Please make sure to introduce yourselves to Carly and thank her for her great work!

Volunteers Needed

There are many openings on the Flower Chart, Missionary Chart, and for Coffee Servers. You will find the signup sheets for coffee servers and Missionaries, on the bulletin board. The Flower Chart is on the secretary’s desk in the Church Office. Cost of flowers is $27.50. Please consider signing up for one of these.


Beaver Lake Lutheran Church has joined forces with House of Prayer Lutheran in Oakdale for the past two years for confirmation. This year, Holy Cross Lutheran is joining us as well. We are excited about the opportunities this type of collaboration will bring to our three local ELCA faith communities. If you have a youth in 5-8th grade who might be interested in starting confirmation, talk to Pastor Nate.

Children's Spaces

We are excited about our children's spaces in the sanctuary and library lounge.  Families with young children are encouraged to use these spaces during service. We hope they create a welcoming environment for families and children and encourages everyone to worship more comfortably together.   
Bulletin Announcements
When submitting information for the bulletin insert, please include Marcia Hansen as an addressee. She will be assisting your publisher with the Sunday bulletins.  Marcia’s Email address is:  Thank You!
Suggestion Box

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  Hopes or dreams for the future of Beaver Lake?  What do you think we should be doing?  Your input is important and we’d like to hear from you!  A Suggestion Box is now located on the Welcome Table in the Atrium.  All submissions will be directed to the appropriate ministry team for consideration.  Please contact any council member for more information.  Thank you!