Thank You!


Thank you to Pastor Bob Toso for filling in on August 20 while Pastor Nate and his family are on vacation.

The Bishop is Coming!

The St. Paul Area Synod Bishop, Patricia Lull, will be preaching at Beaver Lake Lutheran Church on Sunday, August 27 during our morning worship service. Patricia is a dynamic preacher and leader so you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear her preach and to hear about the work she is doing in our Synod.

Social Seniors

On Tuesday, August 22 we will be going to Peg Karnuth's  cottage for lunch and a fun day.  It is near Balsam Lake.  We will have maps for our much appreciated drivers.  We should meet at church at 9:30 AM and we will car pool.  There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board, so please sign up. Our much appreciated drivers are:

Peg Swanson      651-707-4991

Kathy Wagner     651-578-2185

Dave Tonsager   651-779-0149

Karen Matsch     651-714-4962

We had a great turn out  for our lunch at Red Lobster last month and I think everyone enjoyed it.

"Summer means happy times and good sunshine."

Volunteer Event Opportunity: Feed My Starving Children

Join us as we pack meals for hungry kids on Saturday, August 26 from 2:00–4:00 pm.  Feed My Starving Children is a Christian-based organization that packs nutritional meals for children around the world.  FMSC offers volunteers a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll hand-pack rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals into bags which are then sealed, boxed, placed on pallets and shipped to our incredible partners working hard to reach the neediest children around the world

Car pooling will be available.  Please meet at the church at 1:15 pm.  A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.  Please see Kim Richardson for any questions.

BLLC Vegetable Garden Produces Organic Veggies!

Did you know a recent study found that organic food has 17% more antioxidant activity than conventional crops?  Our veggie garden uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Each weed and bug is lovingly plucked (okay, well maybe not lovingly!) from our plants to ensure that our veggies remain chemical free.  So, when you eat our veggies, that’s all you’re eating (and perhaps some dirt which, actually, is good for you)!  We’ve added a new product to this year’s Farmer’s Market – Zinnias!  You can now bring home a bunch of Zinnias to brighten up your house.  Currently, we are harvesting cucumbers, beets, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce and zucchinis.  So be sure to check our Farmer’s Market each week to see what veggies and flowers are available. This year we are trying to limit the amount of plastic we use so you may see the vegetables packaged differently.  We would appreciate if you could return any of the containers the veggies are packaged in.   Also, to keep the vegetables as fresh as possible, many of them will not be washed (be sure to wash them before you eat them).  Last year we raised $630 which was donated to the N. St. Paul Food Shelf and to the ELCA Good Gifts (purchasing two community gardens for $200 each).  This year we would like to continue donating to these two great causes. Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm and support of our Farmer’s Market.

Funeral Luncheon Coordinator

After many years, Karen Matsch and JaNelle Skradde are stepping down from this position. Many thanks to Karen and JaNelle. Let someone in the church office know if you are interested in taking their place.

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of someone to run the new projector in the sanctuary during worship services on Sunday. This would be a great job for 4-5 people to rotate and run the projector once each month. Please talk to Pastor Nate if you would be willing to run the projector.

Recycling at BLLC

You may notice when you walk into church that our walls are decorated with original posters that teach about recycling.  The third-graders at Achieve Language Academy made the posters for a recycling project they were involved in at school.  BLLC would like to do more recycling in the future.  We already do a great job of recycling pop cans, and now we’d like to add plastic, such as cups, water bottles and some food containers.  Thanks to Bob Pringle for getting recycling bins for us!  When I saw the recycling posters at Achieve, I asked the third-grade teacher if I could have them after they finished using them.  She suggested I ask the kids and they gave me a resounding, “YES!”  They were so excited that someone thought their posters were worthy of hanging on the walls in our church!  The posters are very well done, and I promise you will find information on them that you never knew before.   I thought the posters would be a perfect way to bring attention to our new recycling efforts here at BLLC.  You will notice the new bins in the Front Lounge, the Education Hall and the Office.  Please continue to put your pop cans into the labeled bin in the Library, and all plastics (and paper) into the other bins.  Let’s save the Earth and reduce our waste!!

Volunteers Needed

The Sign-up sheets for 2017 are now available for you to: serve coffee on Sundays, sponsor our missionaries or to remember a special occasion or a loved one with flowers. Look for the Coffee and Missionary sign-up sheets on the bulletin board and the Flower sign-up chart on the secretary’s desk in the church office.

Children's Spaces

We are excited about our NEW children's spaces in the sanctuary and library lounge.  Families with young children are encouraged to use these spaces during service. We hope they create a welcoming environment for families and children and encourages everyone to worship more comfortably together.   As always if you have any questions about the new spaces please ask. Katie, Julie, Kim, or Leslie would be happy to answer any questions.
Food for Families
Your response to our Food for Families new process has been absolutely amazing!!  We collected over $500.00!!!!!  The overwhelming generosity of our small congregation has been phenomenal.   This money will enable us to purchase low-cost food items from the North St Paul Food Shelf, who is partnering with us in our goal to feed hungry families in our neighborhood.  In his sermon last week, Pastor Nate spoke about simple stories of faith.  One of the examples he used was about small churches whose mission is vital in their communities.  Beaver Lake is one of those small churches; reaching out beyond our walls to develop relationships with our neighbors.  We are a small but mighty congregation who lives out our mission in our community!!

Bulletin Announcements

When submitting information for the bulletin insert, please include Marcia Hansen as an addressee. She will be assisting your publisher with the Sunday bulletins.  Marcia’s Email address is:  Thank You!
Suggestion Box

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  Hopes or dreams for the future of Beaver Lake?  What do you think we should be doing?  Your input is important and we’d like to hear from you!  A Suggestion Box is now located on the Welcome Table in the Atrium.  All submissions will be directed to the appropriate ministry team for consideration.  Please contact any council member for more information.  Thank you!