Your Gift for Generations to Come

Please consider donations to the Enduring Gift Foundation.   This fund was established on August 24, 2003 and started to make contributions in 2007 to allow our Congregation not only to assist sharing God's word to this generation but to share it with generations to come. 

Enduring Gift Foundation at Work


Donor generosity made these and many other activities possible. Over $154,000 has been spent on outreach activities in the past 14 years. Make your Enduring Gift today! 

Contributions to Community Services:

Hope for the Journey Home, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, Loaves & Fishes, North Saint Paul Food Shelf, Lutheran Social Services (Metro Homeless Youth Project), Achieve Language Academy "Food for Families" and Outreach Fund, House of Refuge Outreach, Eastside Community "Return 2 School" program, Open Hands Midway, ELCA World Hunger, Lutheran World Relief Quilting


Youth bible camp scholarships, Tanzania School Scholarship Fund,  pre-school enhancements, college scholarships for BLLC high school graduates, ministry education scholarship

Funding for Beaver Lake outreach activities:

Parish nurse & wellness program, children’s bible outreach, community garden with proceeds donated to the North Saint Paul Food Shelf (over $500/year), youth mission trips, 363 Program, Christmas in October, labyrinth improvements, annual neighborhood block party and Trunk n' Treat, activities with Achieve Language Academy, ASL interpreting services, missionary support

Kingdom Assignments 2009 -2010-2011:

Volunteers received $100 to invest in an outreach ministry of their choice. They tried to leverage the opportunity to raise money and make a difference in the community. The projects typically generated over $10,000 each year for community groups.

EGF Questions and Answers

What is it?

  • An endowment fund designed to provide financial resources to assist and expand the ministry of Jesus Christ through Beaver Lake Lutheran Church.
  • It is an engine that powers new outreach ministry.
  • It is not a Church saving account and it is not a substitute for annual stewardship or capital campaigns.

Where is the money and what can be spent?

  • Invested in stocks and bonds for long-term growth.
  • Only the earnings are spent. Your donation stays invested to produce earning year after year – forever………...
  • The amount that may be spent each year will grow as the principal grows.
  • To apply for funding-click here to download a form.

How can the earnings be spent?

  • Missions
  • Scholarships
  • Youth and Music Ministry
  • Community and Social Ministry
  • Special Ministry Opportunities
  • Special Needs of Beaver Lake

Why should you consider a gift?

Apart from the ballot box, philanthropy presents the one opportunity the individual has to express his meaningful choice over the direction in which our society will progress.  George G Kirstein

A sower went out to sow his seed…and some fell into good soil and grew and yielded a hundredfold. Luke 8: 5a, 8a

If you’re fortunate enough to have the resources to make charitable gifts, consider the work of the Lord as a part of your legacy. What better gift to future generations could you make?

How can you become a donor and what types of gifts are accepted?

  • Special gifts that are given in addition to regular contributions.
  • Outright Gifts – cash, real estate, or securities (stocks, bonds)
  • Testamentary Gifts – through a will or beneficiary designation (life insurance, retirement plan/IRA’s).
  • Memorial Gifts – to memorialize and honor a loved one.

Are donations tax deductible?

  • Yes, in most cases they are but be sure to check with your tax advisor.

How can I learn more?

  • Get some additional information to read. (Display rack at Beaver Lake Lutheran Church)
  • Talk to your financial or legal advisor.
  • Contact the Pastor or Foundation Trustee at 651-739-8092.

Who looks after the Foundation for the Church?

  • The Church Council appoints a Board of 5 Trustees. The Pastor and the Church Council Vice President serve as advisory, non-voting members of the Board.
  • Trustees report to the Church Council quarterly.
  • Trustees report to the congregation annually.
  • The Foundations activities are governed by the Church Constitution Ratified 1/23/2005 and by Operating Policies and Procedures that were approved by the Church Council on 9/20/04.
  • The financial records of the Foundation are audited annually.

A question for you?

  • Can you think of a better legacy that you could leave for future generations?