BLLC Social Media and Photo Policy

As a member or guest of Beaver Lake Lutheran Church your photo/image may be taken from time to time at social events or other activities sponsored or attended by our church.  These photos/images may be posted to any number of social media outlets including our website, our Facebook page or printed media such as brochures and newsletters.

If your photo/image is taken and you do not wish to allow us to use it, then either at the time the photo/image is being taken please notify the photographer you wish not to have your photo taken or after you notice its placement or use in a social media or posting, please contact the Church and complete the “Opt Out” Form below and we will remove the photo/image as soon as reasonably possible.

Members or photographers who are taking images/photos are requested to verbally ask permission before taking someone’s individual photo/image.  You are not required but it is suggested to request permission of groups of two or more at social or public gatherings.  Children’s pictures should only be taken with parental or guardian permission.