2015 Quilt Blessing

Quilt Blessing

By Emmanuel Grafton

Gracious God, as we place our hands on these Quilts, we join giver and receiver, recognizing the unity of all your people in the body of Christ.

We celebrate being the children of God.

We give thanks for the variety of gifts that compose these Quilts: donations of fabric, thread and sewing machines, the faithful people who cut the squares, design the patterns, sew the tops, iron the fabric, make backs and fillers, tie and stitch the bindings, provide publicity, donate boxes, pack the Quilts, bring food to sustain the quilters and contribute the money for shipping these Quilts.

We celebrate generosity.

 We give thanks for the fellowship of all who work together to make the Quilts, the laughter, the shared stories, the joy of crafting something with one’s hands and heart for another and the time to reflect and wonder about the recipient.

We celebrate community.

We send these Quilts as a sign of God’s love and blessing for each person who receives one, trusting that their Quilt will be a source of comfort and hope in the midst of disaster and fear, a symbol of Christ’s love to those who suffer, a reminder that each recipient is a beloved child of God.

We pray that these Quilts will serve a useful purpose in the life of the recipient; that they will bring warmth in the cold, shelter from the sun and heat, a wall for a home, or a carrier for a few precious belongings.  May it be a step in recovering one’s life and a message of care from someone they may never meet.

We celebrate hope in the midst of life’s trials.

We remember those who have received our Quilts in the past and pray that their lives have returned to stability.

We celebrate the gift of life.

We ask that you bless the fruits of our labor and the whole mission of Lutheran World Relief, that together we may minister to our neighbors in need. 

Bless all who give and all who receive, as we are sewn together in the unity of your Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.